The smell of fresh coffee is the attraction only for the closest surroundings. But a functional and well-arranged web with important information which could capture the whole world. The website is a great way for every coffee shop to know and maintain relationships with customers. Do you know how to create such sites quickly and easily by using WordPress and any premium theme?

If you are currently in the process of creating a coffee shop site and have decided to use WordPress, this article is a handy guide for you. Both coffee shop owners and freelancers will find useful info here. In this article, we will cover important aspects, that every coffee house website should taken care of. Then you can look at essential WordPress plugins and the process of launching the site itself. However we will not be discussing the hands-on technical aspect of creating a Coffee Shop website by using WordPress Theme here. We will rather give you lot of useful tips, what do you need to have on your website.

Why the coffee house needs a website?

The main task of the site is to provide guests and potential guests with a reason to visit the café. Does it make sense to create a site when you can start a Facebook or Instagram page? Of course yes! You need a place where is played according to your rules. Place where you can easily present your menu’s, pricing, team members and photos of your delicious cakes. Thanks to WordPress, the web will look and work exactly the way you need it. Making a Coffee Shop website by using WordPress Themes makes sense in the long run. And as a small bonus, you can of course link your site with social.

Wordpress Caffe hero banner - Ark Theme

Your WordPress Theme based website also generates direct revenue for you. Your potential guests are usually checking interesting places in the city to visit, through their cellphone. If you have clear nice and searchable site, usable on all types of devices – you can attract them. And convince them to visit your coffee shop and grab a cup of espresso. All this can be done with good WordPress theme.

7 elements that you can not miss on your Coffee House WordPress web

Before the actual start of development of your coffee house website, you need to have a plan! You need to know, what to show on your website! Good start is to lay a question – what my guests are interested in? What I want to tell them? Create the right content for them and offer them the features they will use. The specific list of elements will vary from case to case, however, this can be considered as a basis:

Menu with dishes and drinks

Yes, it really is the most important thing on the café site is the menu. A clearly displayed offer helps people decide whether to visit you. Keep all items up-to-date, including prices. Do not force a customer to download a PDF menu (this is classic and annoying mistake). It is always best to list all items directly to the web and provide PDF downloads as an extra option. If you offer daily menus and time-limited specialties, you will appreciate the easy content management.Administration via WordPress is very intuitive. Updating the menu can be done by a responsible cafeteria employee. If you struggle with creativity, here are tons of great coffee house menu designs.

WordPress Coffee Website Menu in Ark Theme

About us

Do not be afraid to introduce yourself! Key information belongs on the main page. The rest of the story deserves a separate text page. Customers need to know your values, goals and opinions. Add photos and quotes of people who build the coffee shop. It allows you to build (somehow) personal relationship with your customers.

WordPress Coffee Website Team Section in Ark Theme

Reservation form

In addition to booking over the phone, it is practical to offer customers the option to book online. Don’t worry, you do not need some kind of robust paid reservation provider. Smaller businesses, in the vast majority of cases, can handle a contact form solution. Do not forget to add information on the minimum time in advance which is necessary to make a reservation over the web. Contact your guest about the reservation endorsement.

WordPress Coffee Website Reservation Section in Ark Theme


News is an evidence that it lives in the coffee shop. Inform visitors of the site about interesting events, new items in the menu and things you are about to do. Blogs can also be used as part of the news. This is the reason why people can visit your site repeatedly. It also plays an important role in content marketing. What about the blog for high quality coffee lovers?

WordPress Coffee Website Blog Section in Ark Theme

Sign up for the newsletter

You want to stay in touch with customers. Email is ideal for that. Give visitors the reason to subscribe your news. Make sure they know everything first. Tell them about the great events. Building an email database is not a matter of a few days, but certainly do not underestimate the strength of your email as a communication channel. There are also plenty newsletter providers – we would recommend you to use Mailchimp or Mailer Lite.

WordPress Coffee Website Newsletter Section in Ark Theme

Contacts and opening hours

The contact page will show the visitor the exact address (preferably with the Google map inserted), the phone, email, and the opening hours as well, so be sure to update the site about changes of the opening hours in advance.

WordPress Coffee Website Opening Hours section in Ark Theme

Links to social networks

Already mentioned social networks are another onboarding channel for you, so do not hesitate to give link of them on the web. Make visitors a fans! A clever solution is to place the noticeable icons on the bottom of the page.

WordPress Coffee Website Social Network in Ark Theme

Choose a professional WordPress Coffee Template

You know why you need the web and what should not be missed. The next step is to select a professional WordPress template that makes it easy for you to create a cafe site. Ideally, it should have the appropriate features and a modern design that you can adapt. Just like the Ark WordPress theme made for freelancers. It even offers a pre-created look for the café. With one click, you’ll get a coffee shop site with everything you should not miss. After purchasing and installing the Ark template in Settings click on Demo Install, select the Demo named Cafe and click the Install Now button.

Ark WordPress Theme - list of installable demos

In one minute, you have a responsive web site in which you just need to exchange photos and texts in each site and make a few basic settings. The possibilities and simplicity of customization is breathtaking, so it is no surprise that the Ark template is among the best-rated templates on the market.

Ark WordPress theme - Fresh Builder

Even for a beginner, editing is a matter of a moment. There is no easier and faster way to go to the finished site. You use Fresh Builder to edit your site. Intuitive and infinitely handy tool that controls every element on the page. Inspire at cafes and restaurants that already use the Ark template.

Do you need individual edits and other features? Do not hesitate to hire us! We created the Ark template and we can create your site too. Get access to professional and skilled team of WordPress developers. We’ll help you with little things and complete website creation as well.

From preparation to launch

Creating WordPress theme based web caffe for you will not be a challenge for you. All thanks to customers appreciated the Ark template. Quite the contrary! You save time, money and nerves. Do not forget to look at the few practical WordPress plugins and the list of points that are important before launching the site.

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